Thursday 20 March 2014

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

I make it for our Wedding Anniversary 9th. 3 times I made it, but always failure, but this time I am success to make it, how happy  My husband love it so much the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake with the soft and smooth texture. Happy Annyversary my dear hubby.

Ingredients :
  • 250 grs cream cheese
  • 120 ml whipped cream.
  • 60 grs butter/margarine.
  • 50 grs all purpose flour.
  • 50 grs maizena.
  • 5 yolks.
  • 2 tsp grated of lemon peel.
  • 5 egg whites.
  • 125 grs caster sugar.
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice.
  • Hot water for au bain marie.
Instruction :
  1. Preheat oven 180°C. Prepare baking tray with diameter 20 - 22 cm, cover with baking paper. To the sides, spread with the butter/margarine.
  2. Mix in sauce pan creamcheese, whipped cream and butter/margarine. Put on the low flame while stirring constantly until soft and combine evenly. Turn of the flame.
  3. Mix flour and maizena, pour into mixture of cream cheese (pour gradually 3 - 4 times). Stir until smooth and combine evenly.
  4. Add yolks one at a time, stir combine evenly. Add grated of lemon peel, stir combine evenly.
  5. Another big bowl, whip egg whites and lemon juice with low speed until foamy. Add caster sugar gradually (3 - 4 stages) while continuing to be shaken until soft peak stage.
  6. Take 1/3 the egg whites batter, mix the batter into cream cheese. Stir fold until evenly with gentle movements.
  7. After combine evenly, the cream cheese batter is poured into the egg whites batter gradually and keep stirring constantly with a folding stir until combine evenly.
  8. Pour into baking tray, and baked for 90 minutes with au bain marie system.
  9. After the surface of cake is golden brown, remove from oven and let it cool in baking tray.
  10. Remove from baking tray and transfer into serving plate.
  11. Ready to be decorated or served.

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