Sunday, 28 September 2014

Kopyor Ice Pudding

Today so hot, although summer will be pass and change with autumn. Come on we make some beverage fresh and cold. At the moment, I will make for our beverage is Kopyor Ice Pudding, with base ingredients is agar-agar. So simple and easy.

Ingredients :
  • Big ice cube.
  • 1 plain agar-agar.
  • 700 ml fresh milk + 2 tbsp sugar.
  • Rose syrup
Instruction :
  1. Mix agar, fresh milk and sugar. Simmer while stir until boil.
  2. Put ice cube on the big bowl with stand or lay down on the border of the bowl.
  3. Use the big ladle to pour hot agar on the ice cube.
  4. Pour the agar spoonfull after spoonfull with widened to the entire surface of the ice cube on the top.
  5. Do until agar finishes. Agar will shaped a thin sheet cracked.
  6. After the agar finishes, pour the rose syrup as needed dan ready to be seved with cracked ice cubes.

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