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Onde-onde is a kind of traditional pastry are that popular in Indonesia. The pastry is very famous in the area which is called as the city of Mojokerto dumplings. Onde-onde can be found in traditional markets and sold by vendors.

Ingredients :
  • 250 grs white glutinous rice.
  • 25 grs tapioca starch.
  • Sesame seeds as needed.
  • 100 ml fresh milk/coconut milk.
  • Oil to fry.
Ingredients of mung bean paste :

  • 100 grs mung bean, peeled. There is ready to use.
  • 75 grs sugar.
  • 125 ml fresh milk.
Instruction mung bean paste :
  1. Soak mung bean within 1 hour, washed and mashed.
  2. Pour mung bean and sugar into fresh milk.
  3. And boil until thick and cooked as like paste. Let it cool.
Instruction of onde-onde : 
1. Heat fresh milk, stir until boil. Let it warm. Mix glutinous rice flour and tapioca starch. Pour warm fresh milk into flour, gradually. Kneaded until not sticky.

2. Take 50 grs the dough and shaped like balls. Do it until the dough finish.

3. Take a ball and flatten.

4. Put mung bean paste as filling on the middle of the flatten dough.

5. Cover filling and shape round like ball.

6. Put on the sesame seeds.

7. Roll on the sesame seed until the whole wrapped up.

8. Ready to be fried.

9. Heat oil and fried with medium flame until golden brown.

10. Ready to be served warm.

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