Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Third Award

11 questions from Sajina Bishar, who has nominated me :
1. Why did you start blogging ?
My hobby baking specialy, if cooking only for my small family. They eat, they like and then I post in my blog to share it, who wanna try another recipe. 

2. Five food stuff that will always be in your kitchen ? 
    1. Chili paste
    2. Biscuits
    3. Yogurt
    4. Eggs
    5. Fruits

3. Which blog inspired/is inspiring you in blogging( can mention about 2 blogs with their links)

4. The best photographed pic food of in your blog.

5. Your favourite hobby
    Baking and try new cake recipe.

6. The best costume/dress you love to wear
    I love to wear simple dress specially jeans and t-shirt.

7. Take a pic of the handbag you are using & show us.

8. Favorite juice.
    Juice mango

9. What is the best quality in your partner/spouse (if not yet married, write about your future 
    partner in your dreams..)
    His patience to me.

10. One ability/skill you wish you had.
      I have skill to make and bake cake and I wish I can decorate cake nicely.

11. One post you love in my blog.

My question for the nomination
1. What is your reason to begin as blogger.
2. Tell me the uniqueness of your blog.
3. What do you do to pass time.
4. Which one post do your favorite in my blog.
5. Who is your idol figures.
6. Which one blog as your favorite.
7. The best look your favorite.
8. What would you like to improve to your self.
9. Do you have best friend ?
10. Your favorite film and actor/actress
11. What is your favorite film

They will be nominated to receive my award (11 blogs).

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